La Mamounia

11 Chau. de la Madeleine, 44000 Nantes, France

Prix moyen 21 €

17 avis
17 avis
Cuisine 7.9 / 10
Service 7.9 / 10
Cadre 7.9 / 10

Abdelmoughite El Moussaoui

26 Nov 2021

10 / 10

A masterpiece that represents the Moroccan culture at its finest. The journey begins in the corridors of La Mamounia, which magically reproduce the Medina’s narrow streets. Behind the characteristic wooden doors lie 135 rooms, 71 suites and 3 riads, where the quintessence of Moroccan craftsmanship is expressed in all its splendour, alongside impeccable contemporary decoration. This royal palace "hotel" embodies the noblest qualities of the world of hospitality by relying on a team of passionate individuals who strive to satisfy and surprise their guests. It's worth any penny you spend to enjoy the experience you'll never forget.

khalil laalou

03 Feb 2022

10 / 10

It's the most refined luxurious palace ever. Loose yourself in the gardens and the beauty of Moroccan Maure Architecture and lifestyle

Farid Bennis

21 Nov 2020

10 / 10

Went to the Chinese restaurant. Gorgeous. Food was very good. Desserts were phenomenal

Achraf Alami

25 Jan 2021

2 / 10

I was not expecting to get a bad treatments from a mamounia employee .

amran ayyaf

12 Jun 2021

2 / 10

Over act from management regarding protocols! Hospitality is simple always gaining clients satisfaction! You feel when you stay at this property like you were invited to a formal event! Me and my family we did not feel welcomed! Plus the room was very noisy while sleeping you can hear steps and noises of the hall! Regardless the high value of money that we paid for our stay! It is an old school of hospitality! My 5 years boy was craving pizza from the Italian restaurant in the hotel they rejected to serve it to our room which was only 10 meters away from our room! The duty manager said your kid needs to go and eat it in the restaurant after we have explained that it is too late and my kid is sleepy! She was proud by showing off the protocols ignoring any consideration of a kid craving pizza! Their respond that the executive chef strictly rejects his food to be served in the room! With conflict of serving other food and drinks from other facilities in the hotel to the room! This will be my last visit and I hardly regret the minute I booked my stay!


26 Feb 2022

10 / 10

World-class hotel with authentic and luxurious Moroccan ambience.

Imane El Bardai

27 Feb 2022

2 / 10

Horrible service for the price paid. Yes the hotel is gorgeous with gorgeous gardens but the price is not justified at all. Poor service, so not child friendly, very poor breakfast and overly priced rooms. I do not recommend it

gennaro leone

28 Feb 2022

4 / 10

A delightful place - in a quite, leafy corner of chaotic Marrakesh - however, as it’s meant to be the best hotel of Africa, our expectations were pretty high - some points that made our experience (as non- residents) unpleasant: - Poorly welcome at the entrance -Long wait to get seated and not being taken to the table -General Comms barriers with staff (had two ask 3 people to get our boarding pass printed) -They’ve charged us extra for 2 green juices (not being mentioned beforehand). - Great bar but they sent us away because one of us was wearing sandals after an injury which happened in the am (nobody mentioned about a dress code) Wanted to address these points with the general manager of the hotel but they told us to send an email instead. From top to bottom this was a degrading experience. Please don’t bother going there at all if you are after an outstanding treatment.

Amir Bozorgzadeh

05 Mar 2022

4 / 10

Pleasant enough hosts at the restaurant but rude treatment by one of the “guards” in the park left us feeling very unwelcome. Despite the history and resplendent venue, there’s a tangible soullesslness that pervades this place, probably in part by the resentful staff, having been understandably accustomed to the habitual mistreatment of supremely haughty guests.

Thomas Norton

23 Oct 2021

10 / 10

Excellent couscous and tajine. The owner is very kind and welcoming.

cinantyan p. prapatti

08 Nov 2019

10 / 10

Delicious couscous. The owner is really kind and generous. If you're lucky, you'll get a free patisserie when you order a cup of mint tea (or sometimes a free tea refill) :)

Daria Danilczuk

10 Feb 2019

10 / 10

This was a true culinary and human experience. The host makes you feel at home immediately. He welcomes you, takes your order, chats, cooks, everything! Alone! And amazing man who can share his love for his culture with all his guests. I highly recommend this place and will certainly come back. Make sure to take some tea at the end. I had the lamb tajine with figues and dates... best cooked lamb in my life.


19 Feb 2022

10 / 10

If you stop at the front of the Mamounia, you will not have the idea of ​​going in and yet... When you push the door of this restaurant you discover a simple place, without fuss, but where you are welcomed by its owner who is adorable and where the couscous is very good. A very good value for money. I recommend ++

Virginie Demory

30 Jan 2022

10 / 10

Small room, 20 people, gentleman who took care of us, adorable! A couscous worthy of the name, the lamb, the extra tender chicken to be cut with a spoon so well cooked. fine and light semolina and vegetables that are tender and firm at the same time A first that will be repeated with pleasure and desire

Jessica Vallot

08 Feb 2022

10 / 10

Le propriétaire est vraiment au top ! Autant dans son accueil, que dans sa cuisine. Lieu et musique typique, petite salle intimiste, il y a tout pour passer un bon moment. Si vous souhaitez manger un bon couscous, n’hésitez plus et foncez ! La viande est tendre, la sauce est très bonne, pleins de légumes et on repart le ventre plein. On reviendra pour sûr ! :)

Sylvain Patron

12 Feb 2022

10 / 10

Très bonne accueil le propriétaire est très atypique et d'une grande gentillesse. Le couscous était fameux le poulet l'agneau et la merguez était d'une cuisson remarquable. A recommander pour un repas typique.

Bernard Grua

27 Nov 2021

10 / 10

Simple et sympathique restaurant aux tarifs raisonnables offrant une bonne cuisine tunisienne classique, avec des plats copieux. L'atmosphère y est calme et cordiale. C'est l'occasion de passer un bon moment au plein centre de Nantes.

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La Mamounia est un restaurant halal qui sert des plats Marocains.