Le Parvis

21 Bd Jacques Saade, 13002 Marseille, France

11 avis
11 avis
Cuisine 5.1 / 10
Service 5.1 / 10
Cadre 5.1 / 10

Francoise Crampette

10 Feb 2022

10 / 10

Je m'y suis rendu pour du cinéma, endroit très agréable et très propre.. Beaucoup de spectacles sont très intéressants Beaucoup de réductions et packs cadeaux vous sont proposés.. renseignez-vous, les hôtesses d'accueil sont super sympas.. merci beaucoup


01 Jan 2022

2 / 10

Clearly unconscious, scandalous to let ONE person manage the collection, AND the control of health passes with the covid which causes delay on the session. An effective sub = an exploited staff. Disappointed for an arthouse cinema. Recruit extra at least ...

Sylvie “Épicétou”

21 Dec 2021

6 / 10

Live broadcast of the MET (the dialogue of the Carmelites) brilliant😄 .... but how badly we are seated! ☹

Jacques Pujolle

21 Feb 2022

8 / 10

Une scène riche en événements... Depuis des années


21 Jun 2021

10 / 10

Great ! Very clean room is very well organized. We can see well at all the seats in the room. Very professional and attentive staff. The films offered are always very interesting. I love !

nadine lenfant

27 Feb 2022

10 / 10

Repas très bon, propre, et personnel aimable.

Mail professionnel Pro

18 Feb 2022

2 / 10

Waitress cold, closed, not warm… (the other 2 servers were great 👌🏼) Dish served almost cold. Only positive point beautiful setting but no atmosphere (Thursday evening) can be better on weekends? I will never know because it is not worth going back… Disappointed.

Julie M

20 Feb 2022

2 / 10

AVOID ABSOLUTELY! To make as much money as possible is their only goal, even if it means despising their customers. We are installed upstairs at the beginning of the evening, then later the manager who thinks he is a diva arrives with his haughty air, we have the impression of disturbing him greatly. He addresses us in a condescending tone and wants us to leave the table because people are waiting and the tables are "reserved for people who consume alcohol". We had not been warned of this when we arrived. No respect for customers. Most of the servers seem lost and forget our order we have to ask them for our drinks. In short, I wonder how it is possible that such an establishment is still open. 🤮

Am B

07 Dec 2021

2 / 10

Very unfriendly and disrespectful service. The manager who takes care of reservations thinks he is Beyoncé, he is undrinkable and responds very poorly to customers. On top of that, he yelled at and humiliated one of the waiters in front of us. It is not at all professional and we were shocked. I will never set foot there again ...

Péné Lope

07 Mar 2022

2 / 10

C'est vraiment pas bon du tout, salade archi sèche, sauce entrecôte trop salée, bref j'ai rien mangé....

Didier Faturie

16 Feb 2022

2 / 10

AVOID ABSOLUTELY!! The place goes against the staff and it's a shame because the service remains correct but then the staff team is an abomination. Clothing discrimination upon entering the establishment with a "bouncer" who is very aggressive. The nightmare continues when we have to deal with a Drama Queen who was supposed to welcome us, this haughty and incompetent person has nothing to do in the restaurant industry in direct contact with the public. I've never seen someone so unfriendly. The rest of the evening was a disaster, I'll spare you the details. Good advice go your way, the dishes are excessively expensive for a place like such.

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