O'maki Paris

65 Rue Letort, 75018 Paris, France

Prix moyen 27 €

15 avis
15 avis
Cuisine 7.5 / 10
Service 7.5 / 10
Cadre 7.5 / 10

Korina Atkins

17 Jan 2022

2 / 10

Ordered food to go, the katsu curry and beef sukiyaki our dishes were 85%rice and for the price we paid ($30 total) for each dish I was disappointed it was mostly rice. As we were waiting for our food I watched the two men behind the counter making sushi rolls. I have to say what I witness truly made me cringe, these so called chef made roll after roll and not once did they change their gloves. Not after touching the cleaning rag I watched them wipe the counter with, not after touching the microwave or the rice maker or anything else that wasn’t food related. At that point what is the use of the gloves if they are touching any surface and then the raw fish and sushi rolls they are preparing. So many food handling violations and I was only in there15-20 Needless to say I’m glad I haven’t ordered sushi here and won’t be returning.

Andrej Gombar

22 Feb 2022

8 / 10

Tasty sushi and the Orange Chicken Bowl is a go-to fave. Wish they had more simpler sushi roll options though.


28 Nov 2021

10 / 10

The workers here are so friendly and kind. Got the chicken teriyaki and the fried spring rolls. Ordered takeout. The eating area is a little small. Good portion size for two meals. Everything was delicious and tasted fresh. Will definitely be back again!

Soleil Slawson

14 Nov 2021

10 / 10

I’m so happy O Maki opened and seems to be doing well! The food and service is always perfect, and the prices are great for the quality & quantity you get. It’s so good I’ve gone twice in one day before!

Ana Delia Sias

03 Feb 2022

10 / 10

We had dinner, two chicken teriyaki plates one reg one spicy Food was excellent, good amount of food to fill you up , well cooked, freshly made excellent taste , definitely going back

Phenicia Kores

07 Dec 2021

10 / 10

Lovely staff and absolutely amazing food ! I hope you will open again Very Soon !

Darren 'decoy' White

19 Dec 2020

10 / 10

Reminds me of Roti Hut in Shepherds Bush, London, always busy, wait time can be long but you can't rush good food...went for the Bokit(chicken in what looks like a massive flat fried dumpling) fries and a drink for 8,50€

Spoorthi Gangadikar

04 Sep 2020

10 / 10

Great flavour, great service and great price. Glad my friend introduced me to this place and will definitely be back to try the other bokit flavours too.

Marco Moretti

18 Sep 2020

4 / 10

Chicken bokit was... meh.. bland. Both bread and filling tastes were dominated by the spicy of the chopped green pepper Sweet potato fries were definitely low quality industrial ones I know the neighbourhood is not the place to go to find good food in town, but still... Personnel at the counter have a correct attitude

soca gal

14 Dec 2020

10 / 10

When ever I am in Paris I have to pass through La Kaz. The food is amazing and the service is excellent. You're also able to order online within the delivery area. You can place your order at the shop, be sure to get there early as it's popular


13 Sep 2021

4 / 10

Très bon produit. Il manque l'information sur les menus proposés et qu'on découvre quand il faut payer. C'est dommage

Dylan Elice

28 Oct 2021

10 / 10

Je me suis régalé grâce aux conseils de la restauratrice mais également ma famille. Je vous recommande ce restaurant familiale !

Konaté Habibatou

20 Aug 2021

2 / 10

La personne à l'accueil une jeune femme, petite aux nattes collés il faudrais lui apprendre à parler au clients et à accueillir. Elle a un ton très aggresive qui ne donne même pas envie de prendre sur place, sois dit en passant vos toilettes sont sales. Mais vraiment sales.

Jean-Yves GAMESS

04 Nov 2021

10 / 10

Pas déçu par le goût en plus d'être replongé dans l'ambiance avec la musique caribéenne en fond sonore, chapeau les gars. Simple mais efficace.


09 Jan 2022

2 / 10

Ce restaurant est définitivement fermé. Je suis vraiment déçue ! Ce restau était génial! 😞

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