Saveurs Et Gourmandises

360 Rue de Vaugirard, 75015, Paris, France

5 avis
5 avis
Cuisine 4.8 / 10
Service 4.8 / 10
Cadre 4.8 / 10

Yvonne Chu

21 May 2020

2 / 10

To flee absolutely. Deplorable food quality Hygiene leaves something to be desired. Especially during this special period, neither glove nor mask. Unpleasant staff, aggressive limits Test if you want products that are neither fresh nor good I also wondered how this merchant can still have 3 stars as a Google rating. Indeed the only positive comment seems from the owner. The rest are all one star.

Nathalie Moulet

22 May 2021

2 / 10

I had booked through phoenix, I arrived in front, the curtain was down ....

Ghislain Chung

13 Jun 2021

8 / 10

The couscous is good and hearty

Ouaiba Andasmas

05 Aug 2020

10 / 10

Thank you, it's a real delight, a very good couscous, and the welcome is very warm. The Mediterranean in all its splendor. Thank you for this delicious meal.

Hadrien Henon

20 May 2020

2 / 10

If I had had the choice to put less than a star not even a half it would have been the value of this bakery, if we can say that it is a bakery. Freshness of extremely poor products !!!! Let's talk about the manager of the places not very unpleasant shopping limit, who wears neither mask nor gloves to serve !!!!!! Really to run away do not take risks for your health.

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Saveurs Et Gourmandises est un restaurant halal qui sert des plats Tunisiens.