So Japan

60 Rue Benjamin Baillaud, 31500 Toulouse, France

5 avis
5 avis
Cuisine 3.6 / 10
Service 3.6 / 10
Cadre 3.6 / 10

Lou C

07 Mar 2022

2 / 10

I ordered sushi last night for the 1st time and nothing more to say than the majority of comments. Dry, tasteless rice that comes off. No flavor. Sorry but the competition is tough there are efforts to be made.

Marine Fnd

21 Feb 2022

2 / 10

Order today, the rice sticks, the salmon smells strong and the coleslaw is inedible! A big fan of sushi, I'm sick of both the look and the taste. I do not recommend it at all… The trash rejoiced...


02 Jan 2022

2 / 10

2022 resolution: learn to make sushi. Ashamed of selling sushi so expensive and so poorly made. Too much rice and cheese is disgusting, the sushi is not even regular. Never seen. I feel like a 6 year old made them. I called them to ask them for the sweet sauce they put me only two small bags while I ordered more than 20 sushi. no baguette provided in the order I had to eat them with a fork and the sushi was destroyed. Really run away.

Lina elh

04 Mar 2022

2 / 10

Bad experience. Salmon absolutely not suitable for raw tasting. The cut is very very rough but still it's not the most important... if only the taste was there!! Heaviness on the tongue, unpleasant taste regarding salmon, awful sashimi, feeling like eating a simple thawed and sliced ​​salmon steak. The rice... what can I say... mushy feeling, as if it had been chewed before... extremely sticky. On the turn of the makis with cheese and salmon... a disaster, cheese no taste, elastic seaweed, no harmony in the mouth. We finish our meal with a lump in our throats. What a pity.

AFlex Twin

29 Jan 2022

10 / 10

Still as good. I do not understand this campaign of bad reviews on this restaurant. When you look at the profiles it gives the impression that the competition is creating fake profiles to discredit them.

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So Japan est un restaurant halal qui sert des plats Japonais .
En cliquant sur le restaurant vous verrez que toutes les informations liées à cet établissement sont indiquées sur la page du restaurant.
En cliquant sur le restaurant vous verrez que toutes les informations liées à cet établissement sont indiquées sur la page du restaurant.
Notre restaurant se trouve à l’adresse suivante : 60 Rue Benjamin Baillaud, 31500 Toulouse